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WNCA Online Involvement – Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines below have been written to ensure that Westminster North Conservative Association’s (WNCA) online involvement for anyone involved in the Association remains an inclusive, supportive and safe environment. If you have any questions, please get in touch with WNCA using the contact details below – we would love to hear from you.

WNCA is a welcoming and inclusive community where anyone looking to further the goals of WNCA or the wider Conservative Party can connect together, share information, plan activities, help support the organizations and each other. WNCA will also post updates and information about the Association’s work and activities.

Posts: Where we have the option and it is practicable posts will moderated to make sure they are suitable for the group. We know how important it is for members to receive support and so endeavor to approve posts as quickly as possible; however, our moderators are volunteers so there may sometimes be a time delay in doing that. Where we do not have the option, or it is not practicable, then participants are expected to moderate themselves. We also ask that people highlight to us where they consider a post to be inappropriate.

The following posts are NOT suitable :

  1. Any comments that, in the consideration of the WCNA Elected Officers, WNCA Executive Committee, the national Conservative Party, could bring WNCA or the Conservative Party into disrepute.
  2. Comments or links to content that includes: personal attacks, abuse, negative or unhelpful comments, discriminatory language, bad language.
  3. Any advertising, fundraising or other internet content which is not related to the organisations, or the goals of, WNCA or the National Conservative Party.
  4. Releasing personal contact information without permission.
  5. Selling of products or services that has not been expressly given permission by an Elected Officer of WNCA.
  6. Where healthcare and medicine is a topic not to promote medical research or medical options which is not evidence-based and/or published in a reputable journal.
  7. Any strong religious, political or other ethical opinions which could upset other members.

Where these guidelines have not been adhered to then WNCA options include temporary quiet periods, temporary bans, lifetime bans, and other options as the WNCA Officer Team may deem fit.

These rules are enforced by the WNCA Officer Team under the Constitution of WNCA. The rules can be altered at the discretion of WNCA. For participants who are not members of WNCA at the time of the issue then the opinion of the WNCA Officer Team is final. For participants that are members of WNCA then the WNCA Constitution applies.

Last updated August 2020

Disclaimer: WNCA is not able to moderate all online comments and instead relies on individual participants’ self consideration. WNCA can therefore not take responsibility for what is written. If you see something that concerns you please contact us immediately.