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Our Patrons Club is an all-inclusive group for local Conservatives who are committed to the future of Conservatism in Westminster North. We are fortunate to have an excellent team of local Councillors committed to their communities, but we cannot be complacent. Our Labour opposition remains an ever-present threat and our fight against them comes every day and month of the year. All Patrons’ sponsorship is spent in Westminster North boosting our campaigns and elections fund.

Membership costs £500 for individuals or £800 for couples. As a member, you will receive entry to two private Patron-only dinner or drinks events with a Senior Conservative; an access-all complimentary ticket to our programme of interesting public events (usually £20-45); and our grateful thanks from everyone at the Association.

You can pay online by American Express, JCB, MasterCard, Paypal or Visa – or simply call us on 020 3962 2244.

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To set-up a recurring annual payment by credit or debit card, simply click on the amount you would like to pay:

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  • £500 one-off per individual
  • £800 one-off per couple

If you would prefer to pay a different amount, please email us or call 020 3962 2244, and we will gladly arrange this for you.