The backbone of our Constituency, and of the Conservative Party, is volunteering at the local level. Be that knocking on doors, leafleting, attending street stalls, fundraising, getting involved in the Association, or volunteering to stand for elected office. If you are interested in elected office a great base to do that, and understand what it involves, is to get involved in our campaigning work.

We are also a social club with multiple events throughout the year – usually centered on an interesting Conservative guest speaker.

You can volunteer in any capacity and do as much or as little as you want. During elections there is more focus on getting out and talking to people. Outside of election times the emphasis shifts more towards keeping in touch, getting ready for elections, events and fundraising.

If you want to learn more please get in touch! You may also want to come to some of our events (membership is not required to attend) to meet people and learn more about how people get involved.

Thank you for your interest – and hope to meet you soon!