City Councillors

Abbey Road

Peter Freeman

Peter has lived in the ward for a number of years and is an active member of the local community. Currently he serves as a governor of Quintin Kynaston Community Academy, and is Chairman of the Trustees of St. Martins in the Field Almshouse, Chesterfield Lodge in St. Johns Wood



Lindsey Hall

Lindsey Hall has represented the Abbey Road Ward since 2007 and has become well known for her pro-active response to issues like anti-social behaviour, noise complaints and breaches of planning conditions.




 Judith Warner

 Judith Warner has been a resident of and a Councillor in St Johns Wood for over 20 years. She has Chaired a number of committees   including Education, Housing, and Environment, and was Cabinet Member for City Management.




Richard Elcho

(Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing)

Richard Elcho has lived in Bayswater for nearly thirty years. As a result, Richard knows our area very well, is deeply attached to it, and is keen to protect its heritage.


Emily Payne

Emily Payne has spent most of her life living in Bayswater. She is a local school governor and works as a project manager for a multinational.



Lancaster Gate

Susie Burbridge

Susie Burbridge

(Deputy Cabinet Member for Housing)

Susie was elected as a councillor in 1998 whilst continuing to work in Parliament. She grew up in Yorkshire with her six brothers and sisters and left for London at the age of 24 to open a travel business. She is very much a family person and has a son and daughter.


Margot Bright

(Deputy Cabinet Member for Finance and Smart City)

Margot is a long time Westminster resident and been active in the community for decades. She joined the council in 2019.



Andrew Smith

Andrew was elected as a Councillor in Lancaster Gate in 2008; since his election he has worked to improve the environment of Lancaster Gate, supported residents to deliver sensitive development in the area and worked with the police to reduce crime.

Little Venice

Melvyn Caplan

Melvyn Caplan has been a councillor for Little Venice Ward since 1990 and has lived in the area for more than 30 years. Melvyn is currently chairman of one of the planning committees and also one of the licencing committees.



Lorraine Dean

(Deputy Cabinet Member for Young People and Learning)

Lorraine has lived in Little Venice since 1983 and ran a family electronics business on Edgware Road for 17 years. She now works locally at the City of Westminster College as a teaching assistant to young disabled adults.


Matthew Green

(Cabinet Member for Business, Licensing and Planning)

Matthew moved into the area five years ago and has been a community activist since then. He works as a consultant and covers areas including LGBT and gender equality.

Regent's Park

Gotz Mahindra

Gotz values the ward’s unique charm and appeal and intends to work extremely hard to preserve its heritage for the benefit of all locals. Gotz went to a university in Westminster and has worked in the borough for 14 years. He works for an investment and property company.



Robert Rigby

(Chairman of Planning)

Robert Rigby has lived in Westminster for over 30 years. He has represented the residents of Regent’s Park ward since 2010. Robert is currently Deputy Cabinet Member City Highways and sits on one of the planning committees.



Paul Swaddle OBE

(Cabinet Member for Finance and Smart City)

Paul lives in St John’s Wood and runs a software company in central London. As a father he understands the importance of a great education and wants to ensure that all Westminster’s children continue to benefit from the best educational opportunities.