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Sign My Petition For More Police In Our Area

Photo: Cllr Laila Cunningham patrolling Queensway

Please sign my petition asking the Labour Mayor of London to prioritise making Lancaster Gate’s streets safe again.

Our Safer Neighbourhood Team used to be comprised of 10 officers now its only 2 officers, we need Lancaster Gate to be deemed a city centre and allocated more police officers

Criminals know that police resources are so inadequate that they operate in the open.

Brazen and open drug dealing in broad daylight, stabbings on Queensway at peak pedestrian hours, street muggings on busy streets, and regular burglaries are just a few of the atrocities happening locally.

My residents feel vulnerable, unsafe and unprotected, and that is unacceptable. They have a right to be protected, the Mayor has failed them.



  • Nearly half of children in London have been a victim or witness of crime, including my own children.
  • A survey found that 77% of children said they skipped school or changed their behaviour out of fear and lack of police presence.
  • The homicides number of 13-17 year olds in London is at its highest.
  • Drug use and gangs are a major factor in London and right here in Lancaster Gate
  • Children want more police! They have a right to be protected. The Mayor has failed them.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I cannot stay silent while my residents suffer at the hands of criminals every day and our police and crime commissioner Sadiq Khan does or says nothing.

He needs to ACT NOW! So please sign this petition. The more signatures the louder our voice will be.

Tony Devenish, your local Conservative GLA member for West Central London, supports Cllr Cunningham’s petition:

“Crime is the number one priority for London, particularly in Lancaster Gate and Bayswater.

“I am in full support of Laila’s petition to make London’s streets safer. I will be hand delivering the final signatures to the Mayor of London straight to the front door of his office.”

We Want More Police In Our Area

We, the undersigned, support Councillor Laila Cunningham's campaign calling on the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, for more police in our area.