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Save Queensway’s Post Office!

From left – the Queensway postmaster, with area, regional and national managers, plus Conservative local election candidates Laila Dupuy, Philip Stephenson-Oliver and Cllr Margot Bright

Queensway Post Office is an integral part of our community. We value and appreciate and need it and those who staff it. It provides an absolute necessary service, including:

  • Hundreds of thousands of outgoing mail every day
  • Pension payments for hundreds of our community
  • Fast track drop and go service for small businesses
  • Express delivery options for the UK and Overseas
  • Provision of foreign currency and travel insurance

Alternative services in Paddington Quay, Edgware Road and Clifton Road are nearly a mile away and further, which is not suitable for those with mobility issues.

Your Lancaster Gate councillors and 2022 candidates were the first signatures on the petition.

Will you join them by adding yours?

They are already communicating with stakeholders to keep the Post Office open.

Will you support the fight to keep the Post Office open?

Save Queensway's Post Office

We, the undersigned, support Councillors Margot Bright and Susie Burbridge, and 2022 candidates Laila Dupuy and Philip Stephenson-Oliver (our local Conservative Lancaster Gate Action Team) in fighting to keep Queensway Post Office open.